End of the Year: Minute To Win It Activities

As teachers and students approach the end of the school year, it can be difficult to keep students engaged and on task.  Tons of teachers default to putting on a film for the last few days of school, but I like to make things a bit more exciting for my students.  There is nothing students love more than gold ol' competition and one of the ways I like to have students compete is through Minute to Win It activities.  

The Setup

First, divide students into groups of 4 to 5 students (depending on your class size).  Allow students to create a team name.  For each task, students will have a team member complete the task and all teams are only allotted a minute to complete them. 


If you want a scoring sheet where you can enter team names and calculate total scores for each activity, you can use the one here

Success = 5 points

Attempt = 3 points

No attempt = 0 points


1. At least 15 plastic cops (red or blue Solo cups work best)

2. Index cards

3. Rubberbands

4. Pencils with full erasers

5. Small glass cups or small plastic cups

6. M&M's or beans

7. Straws

8. Cookies (Oreos or Chips Ahoy Cookies work well)

9. Balloons (at least 2)

10. Marbles

11. Double-sided tape

The Tasks

1. Cup Stack

Students must stack their cups into a pyramid shape (5 cups, 4 cups, 3, 2, 1) and then reassemble the cups into one stack at the end.  

2. Yank Me!

Students must yank an index card that is lodged between two cups without knocking the cups over. 

3. Rapid Fire

This task requires two students from each team.  One student will place a cup on their head.  The other student will attempt to pop a rubberband at the cup on their partners head to knock the cup down within a minute. 

4. Speed Eraser

Students must bounce a pencil on it's eraser into a small glass or plastic cup. You can choose any number of cups, but I have typically done five. 

5. Bean There, Done That!

Students must use a straw to transfer beans or M&M's from one cup (or plate) to another.  I had students transfer 15 M&M's, but more might be more of a challenge. 

6. Face the Cookie

Students must place a cookie on their forehead.  Then, students must use their facial muscles to move the cookie from their forehead down to their mouth to eat the cookie.  Encourage students to not rush this activity or they will drop the cookie. 

7. Defy Gravity

Students must keep two balloons in the air, using only one hand. 

8. Stuck!

Place double sided tape on one side of a table.  Students are tasked with rolling a marble from the opposite side of the table so that it sticks on the tape. 

If you decide to use any of these activities, make sure to take pictures and tag @thewokestemteacher on Instagram. I'd love to see how much fun your students have!