STEM and Black Panther Curriculum

It has been quite some time since I have posted, but I have diligently working hard in my classroom and completing classes towards my doctorate of education degree.  Now that I have had a bit of downtime, I have had the chance to create an introductory lesson and lesson one of a five lesson curriculum that incorporates STEM and Black Panther.  If you are a STEM teacher (or any other kind of teacher) looking for an exciting way to bring Black Panther into your classroom, then this curriculum is for you.  

The introductory lesson of this curriculum focuses on Afrofuturism.  The first lesson in this curriculum focuses on the Law of Reflection (NGSS MS-PS4-2) and Holograms (as evidenced in Black Panther). 

The first two parts of this curriculum are FREE! I want to share my creative resources with others at no charge.  

If you WOULD like to leave a donation of any sort to show support, you can leave it here: Social EndeavHERS

Social EndeavHERs is an organization dedicated to young, Black and Brown women interested in using science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to create social change.

You can download the curriculum below:

STEM and Black Panther Teacher Guide

STEM and Black Panther Lesson and Worksheets

The other four parts of this curriculum will be available at a later date. Enjoy and please share how these lessons go with your students!