Teachers as Game of Thrones Characters

As the final season of Game of Thrones begins, we can take a look at some of our remaining favorite characters of the show.  It’s interesting to observe how so many of these characters resemble some of the types of teachers we see in our lives daily.  Which character do you and your fellow teachers most resemble? Check out the list below!

Cersei - The No-Nonsense Teacher


This teacher is ALWAYS the toughest on students.  This teacher is unbending on any rules.  There are no excuses and no exceptions in this class.  This teacher truly loves the students, but has a tough way of showing it. 

Tyrion - The Know-It-All/Expert Teacher


This teacher is knowledgeable about every testing requirement, standard, teaching method/technique, and has a passion for sharing their knowledge.  This teacher LOVES to talk and will take any chance to discuss their wealth of knowledge if given the chance. 

Jaime - The Careless Teacher

This teacher does not adhere to the typical rules of the school.  This teacher walks to the beat of their own drum.  This teacher is overly confident in their abilities and does not hesitate to show off. 

Arya - The Rebellious Teacher


This teacher works hard for the students, but does so by bending the rulers to fit their agenda.  This teacher does not hesitate to challenge the systems and procedures in play, with their students best interest in mind. 

Sansa - The Optimistic Teacher


This teacher has such a positive view on teaching, regardless of how many times they have dealt with difficult students, difficult parents, and difficult administration.  This teacher sees the good in everyone and you can always get into their good graces.

Daenerys - The Inspirational Teacher


This teacher has the ability to inspire even the most defiant student to strive for excellence.  This teacher is a true leader and puts the well-being of her students above all.  This teacher always advocates for their students, regardless of the circumstances.

Jon Snow - The Honorable, Hardworking Teacher

This is the teacher that always goes above and beyond to prove they are the best teacher.  This teacher is always looking to do and be the best and will always try to continue to improve. This teacher is loyal to the students and follows through on anything they say they will do. This teacher is usually the first to arrive and the last to leave. 

Brienne - The “Silent Power” teacher

This teacher is quiet, but a force to be reckoned with.  This teacher remains calm with the students and can easily command their attention with “the look.”  This teacher respects the students and demands equal respect from them. 

Varys - The Gossip 


This teacher knows all the latest gossip on any and everybody.  This teacher knows the major secrets around the school.  Even if you don’t know who this teacher is, you can bet they know who you are. 

Samwell Tarly - The Pushover Teacher


The students LOVE to take advantage of this teacher.  This teacher has minimal classroom management skills, but does truly care about the well-being of the students.  This teacher allows students to bend the rules to gain their respect. This teacher wants to be well-liked by the students. 

Which teacher do you resonate with the most? Are you more than one? Sound off in the comments below.