Teachers As The Real Housewives of Atlanta Stars

Teachers have so many different personalities and come from a variety of backgrounds. Teachers have individual strengths and personalities that make them unique. Here are a few teachers I’m sure you recognize daily, but with a twist - as Real Housewives of Atlanta stars. Which teacher/star are you? Let us know in the comments below.

Nene Leakes

The HTIC (Head Teacher in Charge)

This is the teacher who runs everything.  She self-claims the title as the most experienced teacher on staff and always has “advice” to give to other teachers in the form of criticism.  She has been teaching for the longest and is unwilling to take advice from “newer” teachers.  The world revolves around this teacher. She has truly earned the title “Head Teacher In Charge".”

Cynthia Bailey

The Stylish Teacher

This teacher comes to work in the latest fashion. She always has the newest Tieks and is not afraid to try something different. Even when their classroom is a complete mess, you can sometimes see her sporting a dress with the periodic table on it if she’s a science teacher.  Or a skirt with various equations on it if she’s a math teacher.  She is stylish!

Kandi Burruss

The Superstar Teacher

This is the teacher that all of the students know and love, even if they are not students in her class.  This teacher has tons of accolades and may have even won National Teacher of the Year. The students love her and teachers do too! She has thousands of followers on social media filled with amazing content and is truly a superstar.

Porsha Williams

The Hyper Teacher

This teacher loves to have fun! She tries to relate to the students by making everything trap or hip hop related. She is the teacher that is always turnt up and hyper in the mornings to teach. This teacher comes in energized and ready to start the day strong!  This teacher is also not afraid to turn up on a student if they are

Sheree Whitfield

The Bone Collector Teacher

This is the teacher who knows everything that’s going on in the school. Everyone knows this teacher. She knows the business of every teacher, student, administrator, etc. It doesn’t matter who you are (new or old), if she wants to collect a bone of yours, she will. Be careful when you talk to this teacher too because she will tell any and everybody your business.

Special Mention

Marlo Hampton

The Bare Minimum Teacher

This is the teacher that thinks they are the best thing since sliced bread, but their classroom is always a wreck. This teacher does the bare minimum, but expects the same accolades as the superstar teacher. She thinks she deserves to be a top teacher, but is not doing the work to be that.

Which of these teacher/star best represents you? Sound off in the comments below.