2019 SMART Goals

The New Year is here and tons of people are cramming to set resolutions and goals for 2019! This is a year you can be more intentional about the goals you are creating for yourself. It is important to go beyond simply stating “I am going to lose x amount of pounds this year.” I’m sure you’ve heard about how writing things down can help you memorize information much more easily. Writing goals down works in a similar fashion. Writing down goals allows you to have a physical place to store the information. Writing down your goals on a piece of paper is a way for you to transfer that memory or information to somewhere that you can visually see it everyday. It is also important to include a date when writing down your goals. This not only gives you a hard deadline to adhere to, but allows you to plan the necessary steps you need to take leading up to that date. It helps spark productivity in relation to your goals.

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If you are looking for a physical form to write down your 2019 SMART Goals, check out the one I’ve created here! It is a simple document, but will help you reach your goals for 2019.