Tech Tip Thursday: Bitmoji

Have you ever thought about personalizing your class presentations, activities, or rules? Ever needed to express a feeling that may take too many words to express verbally? Do you want to grasp your students’ attention and make connections with them? Want to be the “cool” teacher on the team or hall? There’s a bitmoji for that!

Bitmojis are a fun, easy, visual tool for enhancing lessons and other aspects of your classroom. The best part is that it’s FREE! First, what exactly are bitmojis? Bitmojis are personal emojis created from a cartoon avatar that you design to look like you or your alter ego if you’d prefer going that route. This week’s #TechTipThursday features Bitmojis.

I have the honor of collaborating with the amazing LaDonna Welch, @mrswelchknows, on this post. Check out more from LaDonna here. Check out our post about the many ways you can use Bitmoji in your classroom!