Math Grading Codes

One of the most time consuming parts of being a math teacher is giving student feedback that is constructive and immediate so that they can fix their errors.  It can become a lengthy process to give immediate feedback to every student that does not require a lengthy description.  One of the ways I have learned to combat that is through creating a math grading code.  This grading code is a list of 16 shorthand ways to provide immediate feedback to students on common mathematical errors.  

You can use the codes to:

  • Give immediate feedback for independent practice in class
  • Give feedback for homework problems without having to grade every problem
  • Allow students to give each other simple, direct feedback when doing peer grading

Click here for a free copy of the Math Grading Codes document.  It details the meaning of each of the codes and provides ways for you to use the grading codes in your classroom.    

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