Hey Friends! My name is Angela.

I'm a Chicago native, teaching 1st through 8th grade science at a school in Chicago.  I love the work I am doing and am currently pursuing a doctorate in educational leadership to continue my journey in education.  I did not become a teacher through the traditional route.  My undergraduate degree is in mathematics and I wanted to work in actuarial science or some form of statistics.  However, life always has a funny way of leading you down the path you were meant to pursue.  I had always been told that I should teach because the gift and passion was always there.  My love of STEM, combined with my love of mentoring and encouraging Black and Brown youth led me into this career.  

I've created this blog because I see the need for connecting STEM and social justice issues.  It is important for young children to receive culturally relevant pedagogy and a global, authentic learning experience.  My goal is to provide teachers with the tools to spread the information necessary to introduce youth to the REAL world, through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  We need Black and Brown youth that are socially conscious, innovative, and global leaders.

Stay educated.

Stay woke.